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I just had a dream where Diana and Lydia (from V fame) were flirting with each other! I didn't see that one coming. They had just finished some fiendish plotting and Diana was being predatory and flirty (like normal) and Lydia realized it and considered it. For setting, they are in my kitchen cleaning up what looks like an explosion of my refrigerator. Lydia, while wiping off what looks like Mac and Cheese residue from an aluminum cookie sheet, looks up at Diana and says, "We just killed that fellow, and now I want make out. Is that bad?"

Diana looking very sweet with a half grin says, "In this context, no. Although it could be a problem in the long run."

They continue to do a bit of cleaning of my house--which is quite if no one has lived there in a while. Then they have to kill a very big spider. Lydia does it using the butt-end of a broom. It's a big spider.

That's all I had before I woke.


Daylight Savings Time folks...spring forward!

I spent $30 on a haircut at a schicky-micky, but also funky, salon. (Well, $25 plus $5 tip). The woman was really cool. She told me lots of neat Grease's Rydell High? Venice High School just a few blocks from me. How cool is that? I don't know if the haircut is truly a $30 haircut...I suppose we'll find out. Of course, I tend to feel uncomfortable spending more than $15 on a haircut...but let's see how things feel.

School starts tomorrow. I didn't get my spring cleaning done. I slept. It was good. But I really have to get my spring cleaning done. Today I have game, then I have to pay my bills for the month, and get ready for the madness of the next quarter--including lots of planning of all my goals for the quarter. I think I need more vacation.

I tried to get Silent Hill 4 done over the break. I didn't do it, but I did get a lot of progress done on it...well, maybe not "lots." The game is really scary and I tended to only start playing after it was dark...and I have surround sound...and it was not something I sit down and play for extended times...I had to do something else after a while...too creepy. Sometimes I'd get into a zone where I could push through a couple of hours...but mostly just an hour here or there. I really want to finish it up so that I can move on to a happy, wholesome Grand Theft Auto or something.

The Oscars

Mar. 6th, 2006 01:41 pm
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I haven't posted in a while...I've been a pretty busy. Crazy busy.

I only want to say the following. I watched the Oscars with the Gang (the school gang) last night. I don't know how I feel about Crash winning the Best Picture Oscar...since I haven't seen it yet. Brokeback was good, but I didn't think it was the most brilliant picture ever...something about it was off for me...I couldn't put my finger on it. But it is a fave picture of many of my pals, so I think I'll just move on.

But what was my annoyance? That most of the men who attended the Oscars were dressed badly. 1) I'm tired of the fact that many of them were wearing tuxedoes that were ill tailored...their jackets tended to be too tight, and their pants were too long. 2) I'm also tired of people wearing formal wear that looks like business wear. All the standard collars and ties, combined with tuxedo jackets that have standard lapels and pants without the side stripes. This is at least a black tie occasion (if not white tie looking at what the women are wearing). Where are bow ties? Where are the wing tip collars? Where is something formal? 3) There is a way of doing the casual thing in a way that looks usually involves wearing an interesting colored shirt...there were sadly very few non-white shirts in attendance. Just lots of boring ill-fitting pseudo-tuxedos, with a four-in-hand knot under a standard collar. 4) There were very few bow ties in attendance and way too many of them were the pre-tied variety. A pre-tied bow tie...especially the sort I saw too often at Oscars...sticks out like a sore thumb and doesn't look very good.

Overall, I dislike that women are expected to go all out to look really good at fancy dress occasions, and the men are able to get away will looking like they spent no care at all on their appearance...or are only phoning their fashion in.

Why does this bother me? Because I think it's related to sexism where women are expected to be the objects of the male gaze, but men are subjects...and being subject means not calling attention to oneself. And secondly, as a man who does care about my appearance and trying to take care...I'm annoyed that in US standards this must automatically make me homosexual. Which feeds back into some weird homophobia that places gay men in a feminized position as the object of the male gaze. Maybe I should get a job in Europe after I get my PhD.
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But I have a bit of a head cold. That is really annoying, and I bet will make my flight really pleasant. I'm going to head to the Apotheke and pick up some nasal decongestant...and some of my favorite homeopathic medicine ever: gelomyrtol--which is basically eucalyptis oil caplets that dissolve when you swallow it sending noxious fumes up your esophagus--but it clears you up and how!

The other day I went to this fancy exclusive Italian men's clothing store and picked up three new bow ties. They are wider than I like...but that is the current style and they look pretty cool--apparently they are limited and all. And they weren't all that expensive either. But I know exactly what I need to compliment my bow ties...high closure vests (say four button vests)...and more high closure suits. What seems to be quite fashionable right now is wearing a very light sweater with your suit...V-neck. I don't have any...I had the opportunity to buy one...but I didn't...I wonder if I is the new black for men's fashion by the way.

Well, I have a bunch of stuff to do, so I'd better be off.
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So, I'm handsome again. After too long looking like an extra from the cast of Hair, I went to my barber and got a haircut. It was $20 bucks! But definitely worth it. This is the second time I've gone to this barber...and the second time I've gotten a great cut from him.

I think this fellow will be my regular barber until I leave LA. I'm very happy. Plus, I've been listening to Olivia Newton-John lots again. Hm...I need to have more music in my life.

I have frighteningly few days left to write my Billy Tipton article. (Let's think about that later).

Lastly, yesterday I took the day off. Monday I finished all of the grading, and got it all turned in. So Tuesday I slept in and hung out in my PJs all day. Tuesday night I started playing Advent is this video game that has gotten mixed reviews...people complain about the framerate slowing down mostly -- though some have complained about the targeting system. Me? I'm having a great time. It is such a movie experience. It was co-written by Orson Scott Card and I think it's pretty cool so far. I've only played it for a few hours...and probably won't be able to play for a while (unless I get super productive on this Tipton paper). But right away...the game gave me this horrible the opening sections of the game. I hade to choose between my brother or my fiancé. I chose my fiancé...but I'm still haunted by my choice...I can't go into too many details because of Stephan's Rule of Video Game Spoiler Avoidance.

Okay, I'm off to do some laundry and read.

Did I mention...I have a haircut.



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