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I just had a dream where Diana and Lydia (from V fame) were flirting with each other! I didn't see that one coming. They had just finished some fiendish plotting and Diana was being predatory and flirty (like normal) and Lydia realized it and considered it. For setting, they are in my kitchen cleaning up what looks like an explosion of my refrigerator. Lydia, while wiping off what looks like Mac and Cheese residue from an aluminum cookie sheet, looks up at Diana and says, "We just killed that fellow, and now I want make out. Is that bad?"

Diana looking very sweet with a half grin says, "In this context, no. Although it could be a problem in the long run."

They continue to do a bit of cleaning of my house--which is quite if no one has lived there in a while. Then they have to kill a very big spider. Lydia does it using the butt-end of a broom. It's a big spider.

That's all I had before I woke.


Daylight Savings Time folks...spring forward!

I spent $30 on a haircut at a schicky-micky, but also funky, salon. (Well, $25 plus $5 tip). The woman was really cool. She told me lots of neat Grease's Rydell High? Venice High School just a few blocks from me. How cool is that? I don't know if the haircut is truly a $30 haircut...I suppose we'll find out. Of course, I tend to feel uncomfortable spending more than $15 on a haircut...but let's see how things feel.

School starts tomorrow. I didn't get my spring cleaning done. I slept. It was good. But I really have to get my spring cleaning done. Today I have game, then I have to pay my bills for the month, and get ready for the madness of the next quarter--including lots of planning of all my goals for the quarter. I think I need more vacation.

I tried to get Silent Hill 4 done over the break. I didn't do it, but I did get a lot of progress done on it...well, maybe not "lots." The game is really scary and I tended to only start playing after it was dark...and I have surround sound...and it was not something I sit down and play for extended times...I had to do something else after a while...too creepy. Sometimes I'd get into a zone where I could push through a couple of hours...but mostly just an hour here or there. I really want to finish it up so that I can move on to a happy, wholesome Grand Theft Auto or something.


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