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This total ban on carry on luggage that the UK has instituted has caused an uproar among musicians (among others) who would never put their Stradivarius in the hold. The Bolshoi theatre...leaving London to go back to Russia...had to cancel their flight and take the train because they are contractually bound not to part with their instruments.

Here's a link to the article:

Photographers and people whose laptops are their work have also complained. Does anyone know how many other countries have instituted this ban? Has the US?

Here is what I'm going to have to say about the whole thing. If I can't have any carry on at all...including water and the like...I'm not flying...especially if my flight involves me taking my laptop or my banjo. I am not going to check my good banjo or my laptop in the hold. I once checked my cheaper banjo in the hold of a plane...and it came out really messed took me a while to get it back to decent shape...and banjos are pretty hardy instruments.

Terrorists will always be able to destroy a plane if they really want to. If someone is really determined, there are lots of body cavities to hide things in (when will the Airlines start instituting routine strip and body cavity searches?). And a really strong person with combat training can do lots of damage even unarmed. We will never be completely safe...we never have been. We just need to accept that and move on. I just read an article where three Arab-Americans were arrested for being terrorists...what did they do? They bought 80 cheap cell phones. The government says that cell phones can be used for terror devices...therefore these guys are terrorists. The guys' response: we were buying cheap phones for resale, to make a profit, to make a living. Apparently, buying cell phones in bulk is enough now to get you arrested...if you are Arab-American especially. I'm more afraid of intrusive government agencies than I am terrorists.

What was that Ben Franklin said about trading freedom for safety? What was that ZeFrank said about trading walnuts for gold?

I suspect that train travel might start making a comeback. Luckily the next AMS is in LA, and I have no overseas trips planned in the near future. I wonder if passenger boats still cross the oceans?


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