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So Martika's "Toy Soldiers" has come up on my random iTunes excitement.

Long Musings on My Army Days )

In other news, the Dixie Chicks CD I bought refuses to be recognized by my computer so I can neither listen to it, or rip it to my iPod...Grrrr....I called Sony...they said they would answer my complaint in writing. But I want to listen to my Dixie Chicks...I wonder if my 360 will play it? But I want it on my iPod! We'll see if Sony gives me satisfaction.
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Wow. It was a busy weekend.

Long, Long, Long Recount of My Weekend...not super interesting. )
Well, this entry has been overly long. And I daresay not very interesting for people who aren't me. So time to wrap it up.
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So yesterday was one of my gaming sessions and it was good.

Afterwards I went out to Le Stats and saw two of the gamers performs. Accoustic guitar and a voice geeky folk. It was really fun and it inspired me to write some lyrics and think--"Dang! I need to get back into practice with my banjo, and I need to get my hour long set together again." Then I thought--"Dang! I need to learn Reaktor for least enough to be able to start constructing some electronic sounds for my songs. Then I though...oh I have to do grading...and update the LGBTQ Study Group web site...and write that article on Billy Tipton...and prepare for the Electronic Dance Music class...and prepare for my Proposal's Oral Defense tomorrow...and get back to working out...and get back to the SCA...


I need to make a plan...and a list.

And I wonder it I'm actually gaming today.

And I was tempted again to grow my hair out, straighten my hair out, lather on some Vitalis and pomade and have a pompadour again...but that takes so much effort.


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