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But I have a bit of a head cold. That is really annoying, and I bet will make my flight really pleasant. I'm going to head to the Apotheke and pick up some nasal decongestant...and some of my favorite homeopathic medicine ever: gelomyrtol--which is basically eucalyptis oil caplets that dissolve when you swallow it sending noxious fumes up your esophagus--but it clears you up and how!

The other day I went to this fancy exclusive Italian men's clothing store and picked up three new bow ties. They are wider than I like...but that is the current style and they look pretty cool--apparently they are limited and all. And they weren't all that expensive either. But I know exactly what I need to compliment my bow ties...high closure vests (say four button vests)...and more high closure suits. What seems to be quite fashionable right now is wearing a very light sweater with your suit...V-neck. I don't have any...I had the opportunity to buy one...but I didn't...I wonder if I is the new black for men's fashion by the way.

Well, I have a bunch of stuff to do, so I'd better be off.
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So much to think about.

First off, one of my internet pals, [ profile] raybear mentioned missing Rachel Maddow. I thought he was talking about a friend of his. Which I thought was funny because I knew a Rachel Maddow in high school and I wondered if it was the same person.

Turns out--he was talking about missing a radio talk show hosted by Rachel Maddow...apparently quite a famous person...and...yes, the same person I went to high school with. Isn't that crazy? Well, we always knew she would turn out to be big and famous, I suppose. She was our class valedictorian. In her speech, she mocked the people from the gross suburb of Castro Valley. I always respected her for that. I went and visited her at Stanford when I was on leave from the Army. Now she's a famous radio personality. Isn't that crazy? I wondered if she'd remember me?

Back to Germany.

Long Meditation of the Polishing of Combat Boots )
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Something I forget that I don't like about Germany: People smoke here like chimneys indoors all the time! I'm in my Internet Cafe and my eyes are getting that dry itchy feeling...I wonder, what is going on? Then I realize everyone is smoking! I was in a nice little restaurant/cafe earlier today...and everyone was smoking. Bah! How long until I get the smoke smell out of my clothes?

Something I find amusing/interesting about Germany: You know when we eat all-natural/free range/hippy/etc food? I forget what we call it. In Germany, they add the prefix Öko (for Ecological) or Bio (for Biological) in front of such healthy food. So for example, I went to a cafe this morning for breakfast. I could have had a Sandwich on Eco-Bread, but instead I had Eco-Yoghurt and Eco-Musli...along with some Eco-Hot Chokolate. I don't know why it amuses me to think that my Hot Chocolate was Ecological...I don't even know how you can have Ecological Hot Chocolate. And don't you think have Bio-Bread is even worse?

I finally saw the Robert Biberti archive at the Staabi. It made my head hurt. I had to leave. It is over 20 CD-ROMs worth of info. Each CD-ROM has 4500+ pages of dokuments. (And I can't make copies without getting extra special permission) There is really no index...and this man, this Robert Biberti saved every single piece of paper he ever laid his hands on. A recipt for aspirin? Sure, its there. You might think I'm exaggerating...well, I am a little...but not much! It is all a little overwhelming. I'm going to look at the Harry Frommerman archive tomorrow, and I hope it is a bit more manageable. I'm also going to try to get into the Newspaper/Magazine Archive on Wednesday and get as many contemporary reviews of the band as possible. Maybe what I really need to do, is to collect a much music as possible, and decide what I'm going to write about and then go into the archives...because this? This is madness I tell you!
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So, I walked down to the Staabi today to get some work done...but it turns out the Musik department is closed on Saturdays.

So I spent all day walking around. I took a tour of Berlin, I wandered the Christmas market, went to the bookstore, etc.

Walking is great, it is beautiful. I love walking. Walking means I can also drink alcoholic the Glühwein (hot spiced wine) of the Christmas market...and I had roasted almonds and a Bratwurst...It was great. Here is the problem with walking though. My best German ex told me to bring my Army boots...saying that it was super cold. So I did...but it turns out that the heels on my Army boots are totally worn down from lots and lots of walking and they are causing me fatigue in the knees. So now my body hurts. I wish I could get my shoes resoled...but I only have the one pair of shoes with me and I'm sure the shoe repair place would want to keep the shoes overnight. Bah!

It has been snowing lightly...not enough to stick to the ground, but enough to be pleasant. I took some photos...but I should probably go walking again and take more photos.

I am totally tempted to buy a new pair of shoes...cuz this is really bugging. But I feel like I need to manage my spending...especially after this last trip to the bookstore. But on the plus side, I did get a copy of this DVD that has Comedian Harmonists in it. Of course, to watch it, I have to make an all-region DVD back-up. See...there are legal uses of that technology. But before I can do that, I'll have to make more space on my hard drive.

By the way...I finally picked up Nina Hagen's first album. Ha!
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Apparently it is all about Jessye Norman )

My TA partners are administering a final soon. Good luck gang. Sorry I can't be there to help herd the heathens!
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So here I am in Germany.

Long, very long ramblings )

Okay, this post is way too long.

Oh, the Cthulhu Christmas in San Diego was awesome!


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