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Okay, I know that I'm beginning to dig myself out of the pile of madness that was the last few months...I'm beginning to write in my LJ again.

So, let's see.

I've not been super-productive...i.e. I haven't done my grading yet...but I have been doing stuff. I went to the doctor, I refilled my prescription for T...I've got an optometry appointment. I set up appointments to deal with the 60s cluster TA'ing stuff. Lots of email correspondence. I've done all my bills, I did my FAFSA. Also, I went to Ralph's and bought groceries--including stuff for the Castle party tomorrow night.

Tomorrow day, however, is LavGrad...and I picked up my dry cleaning so I'll have slacks and a button down shirt to wear to it.

I still have to clean my house big time...and really, I have to do my grading...but I'm feeling really productive anyway...and I'm feeling relaxation coming on.

So what do I need to tell you all?

I went to this Cajun Creole Restaurant for dinner today. I've never really had Cajun, so it was an adventure for me. The restaurant was really friendly and I loved the vibe. I'm definitely going back. I'm especially going to go there for breakfast...I'll probably have to wait until [ profile] illiaanya comes back (my breakfast partner in crime) and force him to go with me. They have have chicken and waffles. Anyway, about the food. I had the fancy Gumbo...which was really had a big ole crab in it...and here's the thing...I've never had crab before. I had to ask one of the very friendly and kind workers there how to eat crab. thoughts? I'll try crab again, but my first impression is that it is way too much work for what I really feel "Meh" about taste-wise.

I can not wait until I get spend some time just cleaning my house!

Oh! I just want to put everyone on alert that Peaches is coming out with her third album soon. It is going to be called: Impeach my Bush.

I love Peaches.
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So here I am in Germany.

Long, very long ramblings )

Okay, this post is way too long.

Oh, the Cthulhu Christmas in San Diego was awesome!
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Wow. It was a busy weekend.

Long, Long, Long Recount of My Weekend...not super interesting. )
Well, this entry has been overly long. And I daresay not very interesting for people who aren't me. So time to wrap it up.

I'm sick

Oct. 25th, 2005 02:26 pm
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I'm sick...and I don't like it. I've got to see if I can get a replacement facilitator for the Rap tonight...cuz I so don't want to drag my sorry self to school this evening.

Rosa Parks just died. Here is the CNN story:

Also, this is for [ profile] ichbinkelsey:
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Well I picked up the game World of Warcraft the other day. And I've had so much fun playing it over the last few days. I decided to login really quick today (like I wasn't supposed to do) in order to do some small errand. I can't remember what it was. And the game sucked me in for longer than I wanted. But the plus side is that I just got accepted into an RP heavy guild. I'm in a guild! How cool is that?

There are many people who may have no idea what I'm talking about. Well, short answer is that World of Warcraft is an online game where you run around and do adventures...and there are 5 million other players from all over the world. It's pretty darn cool. I have decided to chronicle my adventures here on my log. But the posts will be tagged and cut, so y'all can ignore it if you wish.

Anyway, beyond all that. I think I'm basically done with my sickness. I think it turned into an ear infection, and my left ear is still a bit tender. But I'm feeling mostly right as rain nowadays.

School is starting soon, and I have to grade papers. Ugh.
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So yesterday was one of my gaming sessions and it was good.

Afterwards I went out to Le Stats and saw two of the gamers performs. Accoustic guitar and a voice geeky folk. It was really fun and it inspired me to write some lyrics and think--"Dang! I need to get back into practice with my banjo, and I need to get my hour long set together again." Then I thought--"Dang! I need to learn Reaktor for least enough to be able to start constructing some electronic sounds for my songs. Then I though...oh I have to do grading...and update the LGBTQ Study Group web site...and write that article on Billy Tipton...and prepare for the Electronic Dance Music class...and prepare for my Proposal's Oral Defense tomorrow...and get back to working out...and get back to the SCA...


I need to make a plan...and a list.

And I wonder it I'm actually gaming today.

And I was tempted again to grow my hair out, straighten my hair out, lather on some Vitalis and pomade and have a pompadour again...but that takes so much effort.


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