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So Martika's "Toy Soldiers" has come up on my random iTunes excitement.

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In other news, the Dixie Chicks CD I bought refuses to be recognized by my computer so I can neither listen to it, or rip it to my iPod...Grrrr....I called Sony...they said they would answer my complaint in writing. But I want to listen to my Dixie Chicks...I wonder if my 360 will play it? But I want it on my iPod! We'll see if Sony gives me satisfaction.
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So much to think about.

First off, one of my internet pals, [ profile] raybear mentioned missing Rachel Maddow. I thought he was talking about a friend of his. Which I thought was funny because I knew a Rachel Maddow in high school and I wondered if it was the same person.

Turns out--he was talking about missing a radio talk show hosted by Rachel Maddow...apparently quite a famous person...and...yes, the same person I went to high school with. Isn't that crazy? Well, we always knew she would turn out to be big and famous, I suppose. She was our class valedictorian. In her speech, she mocked the people from the gross suburb of Castro Valley. I always respected her for that. I went and visited her at Stanford when I was on leave from the Army. Now she's a famous radio personality. Isn't that crazy? I wondered if she'd remember me?

Back to Germany.

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