Feb. 28th, 2008

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All of these are games I'd like to run--

French Resistance (using GURPS). In Paris. Gritty and paranoid.

Hard Boiled Noir (using GURPS). I'm thinking after the great crash, but before the repeal of prohibition. So 1930. Maybe Los Angeles...maybe New York.

Unknown Armies. This one is tough, because I love the cosmology and I'm intrigued by the ruleset....I'm just a bit unclear on structuring a workable campaign. But I certainly want to try.

Banestorm in Caithness. Here I'm interested in exploring rights and responsibilities and politics in a fantasy world. So having all the PCs be nobles/knights...and/or all be members of the same court. Not the generally lawless flavor of D&D.

I'm currently running Traveller. I'd like to transition that game into one where the players have complete control over where they want to go and what they want to do. It is possible that once the ship makes it to their planned destination, that could happen...all it would really take is getting rid of the NPC ship's captain. The only problem is that it seems like the party might pull completely apart due to infighting without the presence of the NPC Captain to make them play nice.


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