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This GM is killing me. I pay a gazillion points for lots of Wealth and Status. Status 3, Filthy Rich, Independent Income I can be an adventuring noble without having to worry about losing my status.

Now, being Status 3 comes with a bunch of stuff. Our GM enforces that you can only spend 20% of your starting wealth on adventuring gear, because the other 80% goes to all that other stuff. Fine. But every time I ask if some big ticket item falls under my 80%, he says no. And it is all about horses and transportation.

Me: So, I'm a knightly noble. My warhorse would count as my 80%, right?
GM: No, you have to pay for it out of your 20%.
Me: But is says here I have multiple horses.
GM: Not warhorses.
Me: Okay...well, I'm Filthy Rich so I can afford to buy one...

In the interim he decides that Heavy Warhorses should cost $10,000 rather than the already really expensive $3750. So I ask:

Me: Those horses are really expensive. Most Knights are Wealthy not Very Wealthy or Filthy in the world would they be able to afford a horse at those prices?
GM: They'd take them as Allies.
Me: (thinking) *But in the real world people can't take a horse as an ally, they have to buy them*
Me: (out loud) I see.

Then it turns out that we have too much gear for this two month journey we are going on (we have to take a lot of feed and hay, etc). So I say.

Me: We should probably take a wagon drawn by draft horses.
GM: The church doesn't have any wagons.
Me: Well, a wagon should definitely be part of my 80% considering in modern times you get multiples cars, etc. And a noble would need a wagon to transport goods. Chariot to travel, etc.
GM: No. Wagons aren't included in household amounts. Nobles don't need wagons.
Me: Okay, well, then I'll buy a wagon, and borrow two draft horses from the church.
GM: The church doesn't have draft horses.
Me: Okay, well, by your description I have multiple horses that come from my status, though none of them can be war horses. Surely two of them can be draft horses.
GM: No. They are all saddle horses.
Me: I see.

So now I'm going to have to rearrange my gear to get enough money to buy draft horses as well. I think especially because this doesn't make any sense to me as a GM.

Also when I asked if the concept of a rich dilettante was okay, he approved it. I told him, if he didn't want me playing a rich dilettante just say and I'd make an average status person. But he said it was fine. Then he said...

GM: Except, if you have money why would you adventure?
Me: You adventure because you love adventure...and because can afford to run around righting wrongs and not have to worry about paying rent.

He was fine with it. But now...I wonder if I'm getting anything at all from that 80%.

Also, I have a huge cost of living...which is no big deal...$12,000 a month. But I learned recently that we all have to pay about 25% taxes on all income on top of our cost of living (27% for my character) I have an actual monthly cost of living of $17,000...which is why I have to have an independent income of $18,000 and be Filthy Rich...just to afford to live as a Status 3 person.

I really don't know how knights errant are supposed to work in his take on Banestorm.

But whatever.
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