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So one of the whole points of the Live Journal is to help you guilt yourself into doing work by making down what you have (or haven't done). So I've decided to keep tabs on my dissertation progress.

-Took a shower and's been that sort of last few days, heh. Merry Christmas.
-Went grocery shopping

-Watched the 1930 film, "Drei von der Tankstelle," took notes and thought big thoughts.
-Did some general background research on Willy Fritsch and Hans Albers. Some very interesting contrasts between the two that go against surface readings. Might be good. Looks like I'll be adding three more songs to this "chapter" that makes 3 in section 3 and 3 in section 4. Will this chapter stay just a chapter? Or will it grow into a massive scary thing?
-Read through the 33pgs of chapter I have so far and made extensive pen-on-paper edits and notes for how to revise.
-Printed out info on Augmented Sixth chords for refreshment
-Ordered a really cool book on black masculinity between 1900-1930 that I found out about through [ profile] pmaxgentry and through some other reading...should arrive by Jan 2.
To Do for tomorrow(ish):
-Type up the edits/revisions that I did today and revise the parts of the chapter I have so far.
-Read all that info on Augmented Sixth chords and then re-analyze "Wir Sind Von Kopf Bis Fuß" -- are those weird note clusters augmented sixth chords? Weird note clusters often are.
-Write up an analysis of both versions of "Kopf bis Fuß" (no pressure, not is stellar prose, just for me)
-Analyze (this probably involves getting photocopies done), "Liebling mine Herz lässt dich Grüßen"--I think I'd rather do Liebeslied or Guittaren spielt auf...but I have sheet music for "Liebling..." and I'm determined to shoehorn some notation into this chapter to prove I'm a real musicologist for those doubters if it kills me! Anyway, write up the analysis.
-Take all that analysis and write section 3 of the chapter.
Farther off in the future:
-Obviously, finish the "chapter," at least in some form.
-Put together applications for the AMS50 and HMB
-On Jan 2, go to the library: renew Male Fantasies, turn in Joyless Streets, pick up my ILL book and make photocopies.
-Turns out UC Berkeley has a bunch of 1930s German magazines...I should go up there some time for a week or so and check out their archives...maybe I'll find something interesting.

In other news, I got the DVDs for the third season of Veronica Mars and they had a 10minute pitch for season 4 (Veronica Mars, first year FBI)--and it looked awesome, too bad CW cancelled the show.


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